Risotto with radicchio and sweet Kaiserspeck

The risotto with red radicchio is famously called Risotto Alla Trevigiana, but here we propose a variation with the sweet and irresistible taste of Kaiserspeck, our natural and tasty Trentino speck.
We combine the goodness of two important Italian regions, for an all-Italian dish.

Ingredients for 4 people:

● 280 gr rice
● 300 gr radicchio
● 200 gr of Kaiserspeck (one slice)
● 60 gr of butter
● 70 ml of white wine
● Salt
● Pepper
● 1 liter of vegetable broth
● Extra virgin olive oil
● 20g of parmesan
● 1 onion

Cut the radicchio into small pieces, put it in a pan and brown for 2 minutes, then add enough broth to cover and cook another 10 minutes before taking it off the heat.
In a separate pan, brown the finely diced onion in olive oil.
Add the rice and toast it, deglaze with the white wine and finally cover with the remaining broth and cook like a normal risotto.
Dice the Kaiserspeck and add it to the pot with the red radicchio, then salt, pepper and brown for a few minutes. Then transfer the Kaiserspeck and radicchio to the risotto, which will in the meantime have reached the point of being well done and stir to mix well. Add the butter and Parmesan, turn off the heat and stir until the risotto is perfectly creamy.

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