Sweet Kaiserspeck pockets stuffed with Robiola cheese

Kaiserspeck pockets stuffed with Robiola cheese are a quick and tasty appetizer, or an original and different aperitif.


● Kaiserspeck, 12 slices
● Robiola cheese, 300 g
● Sweet paprika
● Thyme, basil and chives.

Finely chop the aromatic herbs (thyme, basil and chives), add them to the Robiola and add a spoonful of sweet paprika.
Cut the sweet speck into slices and form cones. Fill each cone with cream and close each roll of sweet speck with a toothpick or a blade of chives.
An aperitif with an intriguing taste, the oriental aroma given by paprika and the scent of the Dolomites from the Kaiserspeck.

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